Welcome to the second instalment of our Beer Blog!

Volume 2 takes a close look at one of our most popular brews, the Wood Duck Cream Ale! Our Head Brewer Sam Clayman gives us an insight of this delicious and oh so very refreshing Ale.


Video Transcript:

Yeah WoodDuck is different primarily because it is a Nitrogenated beer
like a Guinness, in that, you get that fall out of gas and that thick creamy head that stays around, and it lends a real smooth creaminess to the beer quite a mellow flavour profile in the sense that it’s not super bitter it’s not you know overly hoppy and fruity in that it’s got a really nice sort of earthiness with spiciness from the hops. You know Wood Duck only has two grains or two different types of grain malt, and two different hops. The simplicity of the beer kind of lets the simple things come through. It’s like Italian cooking only use three things, and you can taste them all.

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