Welcome to Beer Blog Vol 4. Fruit Bat Summer Ale

Scorching Heat, Sunny Days and Holidays around the Corner? It’s beginning to feel a lot like Christmas! Whilst we are happy to get involved in the Christmas spirit with plenty of cheer to go around, it comes a little bitter hoppiness as we say goodbye to Brayden, our assistant brewer. However, he did leave us with a parting gift, and that is a little video interview of the ins and outs of the Fruit Bat Summer Ale.

Here is what he had to say:

So we are chatting about the Fruit Bat Summer Ale. That beer is essentially a pale ale of sorts. Slight in Malt balance, high in fruity late hop additions. We kick the crap out of this one with Citra and Mosaic, Two very big American hops known for their fruitiness, and it basically gets no hops in the boiling side, so it gets very low bitterness, and it gets about 10gr per litre of dry hopping , so we add hops to the end of fermentation and that colder temperature, unless boiling, gives us a nice fruity aroma, we have a lot more hop oils that aren’t being boiled of, so yea it just leaves us with a frutier refreshing beer . 5.2%

One of your favourites at the moment?

Definitely, one of my favourites at the moment, Its what we are working on right here, let me taste a little drop.

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