Welcome to Beer Blog Vol 5. Dunkel In The Rye

Join us as we sit with Sam and discuss the new addition to our staple beers! The Dunkel In The Rye quickly became a fan favourite (by that we mean our favourite) during its seasonal period last year, in fact, we liked it so much it’s here to stay! Sam was kind enough to give us the secrets into what makes this German Lager oh so delicious.

Here is what he had to say:

The Dunkel in the Rye was another one that was initially a seasonal (beer), and now it’s still seasonal but now it’s just going to be an annual. We’ll do it now as our ANZAC Day release. It’s a dark lager, Dunkel in German just means dark since Germans don’t do anything but lager it’s pretty much implicating a dark lager. It’s a lager with something to make it darker which gives it another layer of flavour. It takes longer because its peak performance is at a lower temperature. Being a cold-blooded organism, lower temperature means slower, so from a brewers perspective, you need more yeast to start with because it’s working slower and it does take a little bit longer.

Any lager will be in the brewery for a minimum of two weeks and then the longer you can give it in the maturation fase, sitting in bulk, the better.

So aside from being darker, it has a brown with a really nice tinge of red ( and Dunkel is anything within the darker region), we made it a little different by using an array of Rye malts to get that colour. Where usually it would be a roasted malt, which is kind of a burnt coffee kind of thing where you get a little bit o fa dark contingency, dark, dark, chocolate, burnt coffee grains, you get the colour form that tinge from the burnt malts.

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