Craft Beer with a View

That’s what our Illuminated Brewers Event is all about.

Picture This

It’s a Saturday afternoon (June 15th to be exact) and you’re sitting in the All Hands beer garden looking over Sydney’s Harbour as the Sydney Vivid Festival’s light show is going on. New favourite beer in hand you’re listening to a brewer explain everything you’ve ever wanted to know about the brewing process. All you had to do was purchase a few beer tokens, and before you know it your palate is being bombarded in the best way possible with the flavours of creamy chocolate stouts, German lagers, and dark red IPA’s just to name a few.

Meet the Craftsmen

One Drop Brewing Co– One drop is the first micro-brewery in South Sydney. Located in Botany and paying an ode to 2019, these guys are coming to the party with a range of beers that just won’t disappoint. Winning the gold for their Botany Bay Lager, Blueberry Sour, and XPA…the rest of their range includes a: pilsner, IPA, pale ale, and stout. Now’s your chance to see if they’ve got any more award winners in their arsenal.

Six Strings Brewing Co– Six Strings is the first homegrown craft brewery located on NSW central coast. Launched in 2012 by former schoolmates Chris and Adam, the pair brings you only the best with a preservative-free, unpasteurised and unfiltered product. With a tropical pale, dark red IPA, pale ale, and their coastie lager these guys show you that they’ve got hops and they know how to use them.

Reub Goldberg Brewing Machine– Billy and Anna’s journey started with the exploration of 150+ breweries across the world while doing a travelling bike tour. Once they moved back to Australia they started their own Nano brewery. These guys are all about sustainable brewing and pride themselves on their hand cultivated ales.

Sauce Beer– Located in Sydney’s inner west this brewery home page of the website says it all, “Whether you’re a hop-head, a sour-freak, or you just like good quality, drinkable ales, we have a beer for you.” Priding themselves on the flexibility of the craft beer, these guys are all about flavour.

Staves Brewery– Another award winner, taking gold, silver, and bronze awards for their crafting. Staves are a brewery located on the edge of Glebe. Not afraid to take flavour risks these guys are currently playing with flavours like chocolate chilli, sour cherry, and coconut.

Batch Brewing Co– Batch brewery is all about traditional brewing. They pride themselves on brewing for the people, and only providing the best. This is why they choose to focus on just one batch at a time.

As an independent brewery in itself, The All Hands Team knows the beauty of a well-crafted beer. Join us for the opportunity to up your knowledge, and taste a range of beers that you may not be able to find at your local bottle-o. As for the view… well that’s just a bonus


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