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Volume 1 is a short video introducing our Head Brewer Sam Clayman, and his right hand man Brayden Lew. They discuss briefly their backgrounds in brewing and their favorite beers. Do check back each month for the next edition of our Beer Blog direct from All Hands Brewing House. Enjoy responsibly.

Video Transcript:

Hi I’m Sam Clayman and I’m the Head Brewer here at All Hands Brewing House. I’ve been brewing professionally for about six or seven years now and I mostly brew our bestselling beer, the Wood Duck Cream Ale.

My name is Brayden Lew. I’m one of the Brewers here at All Hands Brewing House. I like to call myself the heavy-handed brewer or the weight pulling brewer as opposed to Sam’s paperwork brewer! I’ve been here on and off for almost three years now and permanently since November when we reopened and got ourselves a shiny new brewery.

What is your favourite beer?

That is like asking which is your favourite child… I do particularly like drinking the Bitter, it is a beer I just enjoy. I really like a subtle sort of thing with a yeast character.

At the moment I’m enjoying the Double IPA. I’m really happy with it because it’s got quite a big citrus and fruit character and then it’s balanced out with a nice amount of toffee malt for a 9%. It is also surprisingly session able for a 9% beer.

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