The All Hands Brews

Some say ‘too many hands spoil the brew’
We say ‘more hands the merrier’


It’s all about the beer at All Hands. We proudly craft our brews in-house for superior, fresh flavour.

Head Brewer Sam Clayman has created an inspiring list of beers: the ever popular Cream Pale Ale, along with the Gold Medal-winning Stout, tweaked, twisted and nitrogenised, enough to make a grown Irishman weep with joy.

So too, look out for a rotating roster of summer ales, refreshing pales, and noble lagers (amongst others).

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Wood Duck Cream Ale

4.7% ABV • 18 IBU

Our signature beer

Straw coloured, with a mild biscuit and vanilla malt character and notes of spice from Saaz hops. We use nitrogen gas for our cream ale, giving it the characteristic creamy head and extra smoothness on the palate.

Bunny Hop Lager

5.0% ABV • 30 IBU


Worldly classic

Our interpretation of one of the original lagers of the world, the Czech Pilsner, Bunny Hop has the slightest honey tinge from Vienna malt, accentuated by an original Pilsner strain of yeast. Three different noble hops offer a solid, yet surprisingly soft bitterness that brings the legendary balance to a good pilsner. Its light-medium body makes this drop exceedingly easy drinking with any occasion.

Irish Sport Stout

5.1% ABV • 51 IBU


Stout with a twist

In order to get the typical finish of a good Dry Stout, we’ve fermented a small amount of the beer with a house blend of acid-producing yeasts and blended it back to the mother batch. The result is a stout with all the coffee and smooth chocolate notes you expect, with an underlying complexity that you don’t. Served with nitrogen gas for an authentic thick head and smooth sailing through a pint.

Rouseabout Pale Ale

4% ABV • 30 IBU


A real New World ale, bursting with NZ hop characters of stone-fruit salad with distinct spice and citrus overtones. Immensely satisfying for lovers of easy-going, all-day Pale Ales.

Hump Day I.P.A.

6.2% ABV • 45 IBU


Fruity and Floral

Three cheeky Aussie hops, a smarmy British hop, and a couple surprisingly well-dressed American hops party happily together in our tasty IPA. Blending the old world and the new, tropical fruits, black currant, pine resin, citrus and floral notes dominate the flavour and aroma profile. And then there’s more hops to crash the party. C’mon, it’s IPA!

Fruit Bat Summer Ale

5.2% ABV • 22 IBU
Our changeling Summer Ale has a fixed malt base of pilsner and wheat malts, with a quartet of dry-hop additions: Fruit-bomb hops Citra and Mosaic are used in every batch, but the other two hops change each time for a new fruity twist! See the sign on the taps for the latest hops.

The Duet SMaSH Ale

5.5% ABV • 33 IBU
This time we’ve created a malt-forward beer with deep reddish-amber hues, rich swirls of toasted nuts and smooth, slightly sweet chocolate from Aurora malt. NZ Pacifica hops gives a mild bitterness with pungent floral and spice notes, and a hint of orange marmalade to back up the nutty maltiness.

Alpen Gold Märzen

5.2% ABV • 22 IBU
A golden-amber lager traditionally made in German Spring for Autumn consumption. Malt-forward with a mild hint of honey, rounded biscuit notes and a soft graininess on the palate. We deviate from tradition with Aussie-grown Ella hops providing the balancing bitterness and a touch of spice.

Backyard Harvest Ale

5% ABV • 25 IBU
We’ve used NSW-grown malt from Voyager and hops from Ryefield to showcase the flavours our local growers have to offer. Deep gold and oozing wet-hop aromas from almost 50kg of fresh Cascade, Centennial, and Chinook hops, which were hand-picked and driven immediately to the brewery for infusion into the beer. Rounded nutty and caramel malt notes hold up the backbone of the beer, while bright grassy, spicy and citrus characters jump out from all sides.